components of website

Components of the website

The website is like a weapon  for the  growth and enhancement of  any  business in the present competitive world. It provides  a  great way to present your products or services online where a consumers,visitors can learn more about the respective  stuff . To grow/promote your business globally, to move it with modern and present scenarios ;you must invest at websites.

Knowing the importance of the website for your business, you might be thinking about the website or you want to designed the website. If you are thinking about it, you may get confused about the components of a website. All may not be familiar with websites, you must know you need a website but you don’t know about it. In this article, we will look at what are the basic components of a website. The things you need to know while you go to the design website.

A company without  website ;it’s like the body without soul


  • Domain
  • Hosting(Server)
  • Design and development
  • Content
  • Analysis
  • Responsive
  • CMS


The domain is the identifier of your website.  It is the first thing that needs to be defined while you start your website. It is the unique name or address through which your user can reach your website online. A domain is a first and main step for the web development process.

Obviously, the domain should be relevant to the business name. Choosing and finding a domain for the business website is the most challenging thing. Changing domain name after a time may affect your branding on the internet or digital world. So you need to select very carefully.


Web hosting is what allows websites to become viewable on the internet. The files that make up your website can exist independently. They’re only accessible to the masses if you put them on a server that is properly connected.

Hosting is the normal form of the Server. Web hosting is the place to store things on your website. This is the space on the internet which we can use to store the content or things. Then they make it available to those who want to access it via a web browser. It might sound a bit complicated, but this video breaks it down further so that you can understand it:

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Design and development 

Design is the presentation of your website. Development is making it functional. Design and development is the main part of the web process. How you want to represent your services or products, what things you want to display, everything defined here.

At professional web work, design and development can be done only after wireframe. Based on the wireframe designer design the website and developer develop at design.


The website is designed and developed to present the content online. Everything is done to manage the content. Content is the center part of the website. Everyone determines you and your services through the content of your website.

What services you provide, what product you sell is the main objective of your website. Which is determined by content. So content is the leading part of the website.

The above-listed things are the primary components of the website. Without a domain, hosting, design development, and content website can not be formed. It can not be functional. Beyond these things, there are other things also which make websites very effective.


The performance of the website plays an important role in business online. The performance of a website can be better if it is well optimized. Thus optimization is the good management of the website. Technically optimization through source code is the on the page, optimization through the content, from out of source code is the off-page optimization.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the next necessary phase for the website. SEO is quite a specific and deep form of optimization. It is the practice to bring the website at top positions with related keywords. If you want to introduce your business online you should know why SEO is important for the business.

As you are living in a digital world, every business is turning to digitalization, so, you need to know about digital marketing. Thus SEO is the best and long term effective way to marketing your services or product through a website.

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The analysis is the tracking of the user’s activity over the website. How many users visiting the website, which content of the website is best for the user, how long time users staying at the website or specific page, everything related to the user and the website can be analyzed or tracked which activity is the analysis.

There are many analysis tools among them google analytic is the best analysis tool. From google analytic you can track everything you need to know about the user’s behaviors and activities with our website. With the analytic tools, you can make comparisons with many matrices.


The website does not have a user from only a desktop or one type of device. Users can visit your website from mobile phones, iPad, tab also. Thus the presentation of the website layout or design with various devices in an appropriate way is responsive. Responsive is an essential and basic component of the website.


CMS is the short form of the content management system. Every dynamic website has a content management system. This is the system for the website to manage all things. Content can be managed source code also, which needs knowledge of the source code which is not easy for everyone. If you need to manage content from source code this type of website is called a static website. And another type of website which has a content management system is called a dynamic website.

As we have been saying many times, a website is an essential component of the business. And the website has many components to make it complete. Domain, hosting, design, development, content, analysis, optimization, cms, etc are the main components of the website.

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